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The University

UnivThe Pontifical University of the Holy Cross is an institution established by the Holy See. Started by Opus Dei in 1984, the university aims to provide an effective instrument for formation and research in the service of the universal Church.


Born in the heart Rome, the University of the Holy Cross is open to priests, seminarians, religious and lay people, both men and women, coming from dioceses all over the world.


The University offers ongoing formation for both its academic staff and students, placing a special emphasis on current issues. Most of the members of the academic staff hold degrees from both secular and ecclesiastical universities. The University has 1,500 students enrolled from 73 countries.


Today the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross is made up of the schools of Theology, Canon Law, Philosophy and Institutional Social Communications, as well as the Institute of Religious Studies.


Its aim is to give its students - seminarians, priests, religious, and lay men and women - a rigorous academic training in the ecclesiastical disciplines, in full fidelity to the Church's Magisterium.


The University offersLibrary


- Focus on teaching

One academic staff for every nine students. Both academic staff and students are offered constant opportunities to deepen their knowledge, to broaden their culture and to improve their formation, specially in matters of current public interest.


- Research

The University offers four doctoral courses and publishes three journals. In the last academic year, 40 books by faculty members and 78 doctoral theses were published. Several conferences, symposia and workshops were held.


- Quest for answers

Love for the Church and passion for finding answers to the challenges of our times underlie the thrust of the University's academic work.



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